This is Heart O The Lakes
We believe that people matter.

We are casting a vision for the future of our church. We work to introduce people to Jesus Christ, while engouraging service, living by a Culture of Honor, encouraging generosity, and remaining relevant. 

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What does living with Honor really look like?

Care about what the people you care about care about
Take an interest in the people around you. Learn about what makes them unique!
Assume The Best
Believe the best about people, and you may be surprised how it changes your outlook.
Restore Gently
When people mess us, don't come down hard on them, but instead, help them up and dust them off. 
Release Bitterness
Start everyday fresh! Don't let what other people have done to you steal your joy!
You might be Right but is it Loving?
Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should...
We can help you lead people to Jesus, but YOU have to do it
Pastor Cyle Young
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