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Letter to Families in Foreverland


Hey Foreverland Families!


Each and every Sunday we cherish the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with your incredible children. It is an honor to have a children’s ministry full of beautiful young faces that are full of joy!


Today’s world looks very different from 20 years ago, and we try to ensure that our NextGen Ministries mirror that change in a way that reaches people with the timeless message of Christ’s Redeeming love! Caring for the safety and security of our children and students is our most important job apart from the sharing of the gospel. 


We carefully train and work to equip our leaders and volunteers to work well with each of their respective age brackets. We affectionately refer to these brackets as PHASES, and each phase is unique and different. For instance, teaching the 4th and 5th grade class requires a different temperament than working with our wonderful and eccentric preschoolers. 


As well as the difference in behavior, the learning is different as well. Each of our classes has specific activities and crafts that are specially designed for the PHASES they are servicing.


These challenges are unique on their own, but coupled with the continued, incredible growth we are facing in Foreverland we’ve decided to make some policy changes.


With this in mind, we are hoping to redraw some classrooms and better service YOU, our families in Foreverland.


These changes won’t be painful, but we are asking that each family help us by honoring these changes.


Moving forward we will be asking that children are sent to their specific classrooms and age/grade delineated environments. We are aware that this may cause some agitation with siblings that enjoy attending together, though they are in different age bracket, but we hope the change will ultimately be completely positive. This allows our specifically trained volunteers to best manage their classrooms while providing the best experience for ALL of our amazing children. Therefore we will be urging all families to send their children to their appropriate classes regardless of preference. If an exception is to be made or special care given we ask that you contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Patty Young, or myself for clarification. 


We are constantly striving to love and care for your kiddos, and we want to make sure they have the best possible experience in our church. We believe those memories and experiences have an impact that lasts a lifetime. 


Thank you for being a part of Foreverland and we look forward to the memories we will share with you as a family.



The New Classes are as follows:

Sea Turtles: Babies-Crawlers (0-1yr olds)

Crabs: Walkers (1-3 yr olds)

Pelicans: Preschool (Potty Trained 3yr old- 5yr olds)

Tigers: K-1st

Gorillas: 2nd-3rd

Parrots: 4th-5th

We have also added a special private room for our nursing mothers.


In Christ,


Cody Morehead

Pastor of NextGen Ministries at HOTL