What causes division in church?
Preferences, Convictions, and Imperatives.
What hurt do you feel from these divisions?
Church hurt, People hurt, Butthurt (real word with a real definition).
That’s what the first sermon in the current sermon series covers. 
Church hurt - When the church leadership objectively fails to consistently exercise authority by going against an imperative (a clear Biblical teaching) causing emotional, mental, or physical anguish or distress in a person or a group of people.
People hurt - When people cause emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual distress or duress by failing to apply clear Biblical teaching to their interpersonal dynamics and instead apply their personal convictions or preferences to someone else or to some other entity or institution. (If someone has been hypocritical with you and it hurt you, you have experienced people hurt, not church hurt.)
Butthurt - When you experience excessive or unjustifiable feelings of personal offense or resentment against a person or organization without good reason by misunderstanding institutional prerogatives or Biblical imperatives and by expecting your own personal preference or conviction to be fulfilled. (When you want what you want and people don’t do it for you, so you get offended; it’s unjustified.)
See examples of these hurts at the 53 minute mark in the sermon.